March 15, 1999 – Rolling Stones – First Union Center

This Rolling Stones show marked two firsts for me: First time seeing them indoors. Prior to this show I had only seen them in football and baseball stadiums. First time I saw them with long-time hard-core Stones fan, Marty Walat. Marty is the only person I know who loves the Rolling Stones more than I do.

March 08, 1986 – Aerosmith / Ted Nugent – The Spectrum

My second time seeing Aerosmith was much better than the first. This time around I got to see the classic Aerosmith lineup and a band that seemed to really want to play together and have fun. I have this great memory of Steven Tyler shaking his ass during "Sweet Emotion."

March 09, 1988 – Bruce Springsteen – The Spectrum

Honestly, this Springsteen concert was somewhat of a disappointment for me. This show just didn't have the same energy or spark like my three other Springsteen shows I've seen in the past. This show was more focused and choreographed than than what I had seen before.

Feb 28, 1983 – Aerosmith / Anvil – The Spectrum

Twenty-eight years ago @Steve Oakley and I should have stayed home to watch M*A*S*H. Not only was this one of the worst shows I ever saw it may have been one of the quickest too lasting no more than an hour and a half. The bad show was only one part of this memory. Learn about what happened after the concert...

Feb 27, 1987 – The Kinks – Tower Theatre

I don't remember  this concert very well other than their performance of the song "It." I recall there was a lot of dance and theatrics. It was cool. Prior to seeing this show I had seen The Kinks at the Spectrum and JFK Stadium so this was my first time seeing them in a small venue. God save The Kinks.

Feb 17, 1985 – Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Tower Theatre

My girlfriend and I were supposed to go out for a Valentine diner, but while at work, my boss gave me free tickets to see Joan Jett and the Blackhearts with special guests The Ramones at the Tower Theatre. I thought, this is better than going out to dinner but my girlfriend thought otherwise . We got into a big fight. I remember saying, "It's Joan Jett. It's the Ramones. It's rock and roll!" She told me, "It's Valentine's Day!" and told me to spend it with Joan Jett and my hand. So, me and my hand and my friend Tim Weaver saw one of the loudest shows of my life.

Feb 16, 1993 – Keith Richards / Soul Asylum – Tower Theatre

Keith Richards is my rock hero. Why? It's probably a combination of Richards' swagger, endurance, style, and guitar playing that rolls into what I believe defines the essence of rock and roll. As a teenager, when I discovered that The Rolling Stones were 'The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World,'

Feb 14, 1988 – Frank Zappa – Tower Theatre

remember Frank accepting gifts from the audience and then later he conducted us prior to the second set. The highlights for me included City of Tiny Lights and the Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. What a way to spend Valentine's Day!

Jan 20, 1987 – Pretenders / Iggy Pop – Spectrum

Date January 20, 1987Band Pretenders Opening Band Iggy Pop Venue Spectrum City Philadelphia, PA Who saw this show with me? Jay Friel

Notes I don't recall much from this show other than Chrissy at one point stopped a song in middle to scream at her band. A few days later we learned that Chrissy fired keyboardist Bernie Worrell and bassist T.M. Stevens. Nobody fucks with Chrissy!

The Pretenders / Iggy Pop - Jan 20, 1987, Philadelphia Spectrum

Setlist 1. Room Full of Mirrors (Chicago 1987) 2. Message Of Love 3. Time The Avenger 4. Kid 5. Light Of The Moon 6. My Baby 7. Private Life 8. Hymn To Her 9. Back On The Chain Gang 10. My City Was Gone 11. Bad Boys Get Spanked 12. Middle Of The Road 13. Precious 14. Don't Get Me Wrong 15. Brass In Pocket 16. Mystery Achievement 17. The Wait

The Pretenders "Get Close" Tour Program 1987

Jan 13, 1991 - ZZ Top / Black Crowes - Capital Centre

This is one of those shows when the opening act blew away the headliner. I thought ZZ Top was cartoonish and silly looking onstage and a parody of what they once were. They boring and it was one of the few times I ever left a show early.