Linda Altobell

March 22, 1990 – Janet Jackson – Capital Centre

I was really excited about this concert. It was Janet's first ever concert tour and she was supporting her 1989 album Rhythm Nation 1814, a fantastic album I might add. The show, however, was in a word - boring. Sure, there was dancing and video and costume changes and more dancing but her performance was lackluster and I felt like she never really connected with the audience.

March 20, 1991 – Grateful Dead – Capital Centre

Date March 20, 1991
Band Grateful Dead
Venue Capital Centre
City Landover, MD
Who saw this show with me? Linda Altobell



  1. Feel Like a Stranger
  2. Cold Rain and Snow
  3. Little Red Rooster
  4. Althea
  5. Black-Throated Wind
  6. Tennessee Jed
  7. Music Never Stopped
  8. Might as Well
  9. Eyes of the World
  10. Foolish Heart
  11. Estimated Prophet
  12. He's Gone
  13. drums / space
  14. The Other One
  15. Wharf Rat
  16. Sugar Magnolia
  17. The Weight

Jan 13, 1991 - ZZ Top / Black Crowes - Capital Centre

This is one of those shows when the opening act blew away the headliner. I thought ZZ Top was cartoonish and silly looking onstage and a parody of what they once were. They boring and it was one of the few times I ever left a show early.