Capital Centre

March 22, 1990 – Janet Jackson – Capital Centre

I was really excited about this concert. It was Janet's first ever concert tour and she was supporting her 1989 album Rhythm Nation 1814, a fantastic album I might add. The show, however, was in a word - boring. Sure, there was dancing and video and costume changes and more dancing but her performance was lackluster and I felt like she never really connected with the audience.

March 20, 1991 – Grateful Dead – Capital Centre

Date March 20, 1991
Band Grateful Dead
Venue Capital Centre
City Landover, MD
Who saw this show with me? Linda Altobell



  1. Feel Like a Stranger
  2. Cold Rain and Snow
  3. Little Red Rooster
  4. Althea
  5. Black-Throated Wind
  6. Tennessee Jed
  7. Music Never Stopped
  8. Might as Well
  9. Eyes of the World
  10. Foolish Heart
  11. Estimated Prophet
  12. He's Gone
  13. drums / space
  14. The Other One
  15. Wharf Rat
  16. Sugar Magnolia
  17. The Weight

March 16, 1990 – Grateful Dead – Capital Centre

Date March 16, 1990
Band Grateful Dead
Venue Capital Centre
City Landover, MD
Who saw this show with me? Ivan Eimer



  1. Let the Good Times Roll
  2. Touch of Grey
  3. New Minglewood Blues
  4. Peggy-O
  5. Queen Jane Approximately
  6. Loser
  7. Black-Throated Wind
  8. Bird Song
  9. Blow Away
  10. Scarlet Begonias
  11. Estimated Prophet
  12. Ship of Fools
  13. Man Smart/Woman Smarter
  14. drums
  15. The Other One
  16. Stella Blue
  17. Sugar Magnolia
  18. This Could Be the Last Time

Jan 13, 1991 - ZZ Top / Black Crowes - Capital Centre

This is one of those shows when the opening act blew away the headliner. I thought ZZ Top was cartoonish and silly looking onstage and a parody of what they once were. They boring and it was one of the few times I ever left a show early.