March 09, 1988 – Bruce Springsteen – The Spectrum

Date March 09, 1988Band Bruce Springsteen Tour Tunnel of Love Express Venue The Spectrum City Philadelphia, PA Who saw this show with me? Jeff Haessler

Notes Honestly, this Springsteen concert was somewhat of a disappointment for me. This show just didn't have the same energy or spark like my three other Springsteen shows I've seen in the past. This show was more focused and choreographed than than what I had seen before. Gone completely were several of Springsteen's most popular numbers and traditional concert warhorses: "Badlands", "The Promised Land", "Thunder Road". According to wikipedia, Springsteen had said as the tour began, "... when I went to put this show together, I said, 'Well, what were the songs that were the kind of cornerstones of what I had done? Those are the ones I automatically put to the side."

Looking back it's easy to see why this was a different Bruce show. Springsteen was 38 years old and was clearly in a transition period in his professional and personal career. Looking back at my life - when I was 38 - I was going through the same sort of transition period minus the fame and money.

March 09, 1988 – Bruce Springsteen – The Spectrum


1. Tunnel of Love 2. Be True 3. Adam Raised a Cain 4. Two Faces 5. All That Heaven Will Allow 6. Seeds 7. Roulette 8. Cover Me 9. Brilliant Disguise 10. Spare Parts 11. War 12. Born in the USA 13. Tougher Than the Rest 14. She's the One 15. You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch) 16. I'm a Coward 17. I'm on Fire 18. One Step Up 19. Part Man, Part Monkey 20. Walk Like a Man 21. Dancing in the Dark 22. Light of Day 23. Born to Run 24. Hungry Heart 25. Glory Days 26. Can't Help Falling in Love 27. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) 28. Detroit Medley 29. Raise Your Hand