Feb 27, 1987 – The Kinks – Tower Theatre

Date February 16, 1983Band The Kinks Tour Think Visual Venue Tower Theatre City Upper Darby, PA Who saw this show with me? Jay Friel

Notes - I don't remember  this concert very well other than their performance of the song "It." I recall there was a lot of dance, theatrics. It was cool. Prior to seeing this show I had seen The Kinks at the Spectrum and JFK Stadium so this was my first time seeing them in a small venue. God save The Kinks.

Feb 27, 1987 – The Kinks – Tower Theater


  1. Do it Again
  2. The Hardway
  3. Low Budget
  4. Banter
  5. Come Dancing
  6. Working at the Factory
  7. Lost and Found
  8. Welcome to Sleazy Town
  9. Think Visual
  10. The Video Shop
  11. Living on a Thin Line
  12. Guilty
  13. Misfits
  14. Lola
  15. State of Confusion
  16. Superman
  17. All Day and All of the Night
  18. I Gotta Move
  19. Celluloid Heroes
  20. Till the End of the Day
  21. You Really Got Me
  22. Victoria

The Kinks concert t-shirt from the 1987 Think Visual tour.