The Consummate Sinatra by Don Altobell

Sinatra's Swing Albums

  1. Swingin' Affair
  2. Come Dance With Me
  3. Swingin' Lovers
  4. Swing Easy
  5. Swinging Brass

Sinatra's Ballad Albums

  1. Only The Lonely
  2. Wee Small Hours
  3. Songs For Young Lovers
  4. No One Cares
  5. Nice 'n Easy

Top-10 Frank Sinatra Songs

  1. To Love and Be Loved
  2. All My Tomorrows (Capitol)
  3. You Turned My World Around
  4. This Was My Love
  5. Night and Day (Capitol)
  6. Learnin' The Blues (Capitol)
  7. River Stay 'Way From My Door
  8. All The Way (Capitol)
  9. A Very Good Year
  10. All Or Nothing At All (Reprise Swing Version)