Looking for a Great Italian Meatball Recipe?

If you're looking for a great Italian meatball recipe then wrap your lips these balls.

I've known Tom Hartman since first grade. That means we've been friends for a long time. Since childhood, Tom has always come across as a "worldly" type of fellow. He's always been very knowledgeable in politics, sports, the arts, history, and music. Especially music. He and I have listened, enjoyed, and argued about music for thirty years.

Tom also knows a lot about food. He lives in Philadelphia and enjoys eating out often. Name the food and Tom tasted it somewhere in Philadelphia or New York or around the world (Tom travels a lot. When it comes to food -- Tom has tried it all including Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, French, and Italian. Now, given his background, experience, and his fondness for food I value his opinion and his recommendations about such matters.

I told you about Tom so you'll understand my disbelief when he told me that my meatballs were the best he's ever eaten. My meatballs? Tom has eaten thousands of meatballs in hundreds of restaurants in and around Philadelphia, New York, and other places, yet my meatballs are his favorite, "...the best I've ever tasted." Wow, what a compliment. Thank you Tom.

So given my new found respect for my meatballs I want to share my recipe:

The Best Italian Meatball Recipe

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Bake Time: 24 minutes

1 pound combined beef, veal, pork (must be fresh)
3 large eggs
1-cup grated Romano Locatelli Cheese
1-cup bread crumb
1-clove garlic - minced
1-teaspoon salt
1-teaspoon parsley

(All mixing is done be hand) In a large bowl mix eggs, garlic, salt and parsley.  Then add beef/veal/pork. Mix.  Then, add 1/2 cup of bread crumb and 1/2 of cheese. Mix.  Add second 1/2 cup of bread crumb and cheese.  Mix  Now, it's time to roll up the balls. Average size is roughly 2 inches in diameter. I usually get around 18 to 20 meatballs per pound. IMPORTANT! Do not cook meatballs in your pasta sauce! Meatballs cooked in sauce lose their flavor.*  Rather than fry, which is perfectly acceptable, I cook them in an oven. Heat oven to 390. Place meatballs on a rack - then on a cookie tray. Bake for 12 minutes on one side then 12 minutes for the other.

I freeze the meatballs in bags and take out what I need per dinner. I just drop the meatballs into the sauce as if heats up.

*Years ago, I came to the conclusion that cooking meatballs in sauce sucks the flavor out of them resulting in a bland tasting meatball. However, cook them independent from the sauce and you'll taste something so good you'll fall out of your chair. If you want a flavored sauce add seasoned ground beef, chicken, pork, or beef tips.

Buon Appetito!

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