Deep Purple

April 24, 1987 – Deep Purple - Spectrum

Date April 24, 1987Band Deep Purple Tour The House of Blue Light World Tour Venue The Spectrum City Philadelphia, PA Who saw this show with me? Chris DeFranco

Notes As hard as I try I just can't remember this concert. It's probably because its almost identical to the Deep Purple show I saw in 1985. So, I'll write the same note: I don't remember much about this show other than the band broke into Jesus Christ Superstar during Strang Kind of Woman. I also remember the incredibly long Ian Paice drum and Jon Lord Hammond Organ solos. April 24, 1987 – Deep Purple - Spectrum

Setlist 1. Highway Star 2. Strange Kind of Woman 3. The Unwritten Law 4. Drum Solo 5. Dead or Alive 6. Perfect Strangers 7. Hard Lovin' Woman 8. Child in Time 9. Difficult to Cure 
(Rainbow cover) 10. Keyboard Solo 11. Knocking at Your Back Door 12. Lazy 13. Black Night 14. Speed King - Encore - 15. Call of the Wild 16. Smoke on the Water

Deep Purple, San Diego 1987. Skip to 3:27 and you'll hear "Jesus Christ Superstar."