April 14, 1986 – Rush – Philadelphia Spectrum

Date April 14, 1986Band Rush Tour Power Windows Opening Band Blue Oyster Cult Venue Spectrum City Philadelphia, PA Who saw this show with me? Amy Blanchard

Notes I don't remember much of this other than earlier in the day I came home from a week-long European vacation. So, I was pretty wiped by show time. I remember the big Godzilla on the stage during Blue Oyster Cult's opening set. I remember the Three Stooges short before Rush took the stage. Lastly, I remember thinking Neil Pert is a drumming God.

April 14, 1986 – Rush – Philadelphia Spectrum

Setlist 1. 2112 (Overture/Temples of Syrinx) 2. Freewill 3. Limelight 4. Hemispheres (Prelude) 5. Beneath, Between and Behind 6. The Camera Eye 7. YYZ 8. Drum Solo 9. YYZ 10. Broon's Bane 11. The Trees 12. Xanadu 13. The Spirit of Radio 14. Red Barchetta 15. Closer To The Heart 16. Tom Sawyer 17. Vital Signs 18. Natural Science 19. Working Man (reggae intro) 20. Hemispheres (Armageddon) 21. By-Tor and the Snow Dog (abbreviated)-> 22. In the End 23. In The Mood 24. 2112 (Grand Finale) 25. Encore: La Villa Strangiato (electric guitar intro)

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