Top Five Records: Tattoo You (1981)

My very first of many Rolling Stones concerts took place September 25, 1981.  Interesting to note I wasn't really a Stones fan prior to this show but I certainly was walking out of the stadium.  In fact, it was during the extended "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and seeing Mick in the cherry picker that I fell in love with the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World.


Top Five Records: It's Hard (1982)

September 25, 1982 I saw The Who for the first time. They were touring in support of their It's Hard album. I was a huge Who fan and I was loving every minute of this show up until they played "Cry If You Want." I LOVE this song especially at the end when Pete completely rocks out with his guitar. At the moment Pete launches into his guitar solo someone threw a hoagie and it hits me squarely in the back of the neck. So while Pete is jamming - a moment I could not wait to hear - I'm busy removing onions from my hair. 

Interesting Footnote: While watching the show we could see Mick Jagger walking around back stage. A year before on September 25, 1981 I sat in JFK Stadium and watched the Rolling Stones.