Top Five Records: World Party

Last night, after the fantastic World Party show, I'm outside the World Cafe with my brother, Stephen Altobello, and Bobby Andreano -- and who should appear to catch a smoke -- Mr World Party himself, Karl Wallinger! Bobby called him over for a picture and we ended up talking with him for about ten minutes. We spoke about our dogs, The Beatles, The Who, his short-lived band Quasimodo with Dave Sharp and Nigel Twist (who went on to form The Alarm), and the meaning behind his lyric, "And my food is wild honey pie" from Thank You World. I asked, "Is that a Beatles reference or a UK dish?" He replied, with a laugh, "Of course its The Beatles." I almost expected him to say, "Duh!?!?" He was so cool and genuinely happy to talk to us for awhile. Absolutely one of my favorite rock and roll moments of my life -- and I've had a shitload of 'em!

Paul Altobelli

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