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Remembering Don Altobell - One Year Later

Don AltobellI started my new job today with Harte-Hanks. Harte-Hanks is a global direct and targeted marketing solutions provider. I was hired as a Search Engine Marketing Manager. Its a great position with an respected global and public company. Sadly, my hire date also marks the first anniversary of my father's passing.

I still vividly recall the chain of events one year ago today. Around 6:30am I woke up and immediately looked for my cell phone. Dad had take a turn and we knew it was only a matter of time. When I picked up my phone I noticed that I had a message. I knew before I heard the message that Dad had died.

The night before I took my family, Lisa, Rachel, Michael, and Joe, over to say our goodbye. I saw Dad smile. His smile is how I remember him. Thankfully, I can't remember what he looked like when I raced over to his home after listening to the phone message. I miss Dad's smile.

I miss a lot of things about Dad. I miss how he would laugh so hard he'd cry. I miss how he would tell me how much he loved me. I miss talking to him about baseball and boxing. I miss listing to music with him. What I miss most about Dad on this day - the day I start a my new job - is him asking me "How's your job?" He'd always ask me that question - even when I wasn't working. I know that if he were alive today he ask me "How's your job?".

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