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MiTunes by the Numbers

MiTunes-altobelli This is MiTunes by the numbers -- an analysis of my iTunes music library between January 25, 2008 to January 15, 2012.

How many songs: 36,759 (105.2 days, 204.30 GB

Played to total number of songs ratio: 11,513 of 36,759 (31.3%)

Total Play Time of "Music" tracks: 134 days, 7 hours, 5 mins, 29 sec

First song played:  Call Me The Lighting - THE WHO (1/26/2008) Last song Played:  Vampire Blues - Neil Young (1/15/2012)

Sort by song title: - First Song: A-Tisket, A-Tasket - Ella Fitzgerald - Last Song: 10538 Overture - Electric Light Orchestra

Sort by time:
 - Shortest Song: Jesus Fucking Christ - Pete Townshend (0:02) - Longest Song: Sept 11, 2011 broadcast - Howard Stern Show (2:38:11)

Sort by artist: - First Artist: a-ha - Last Artist: 50 Cent

Sort by album: - 
First Album: A.M. - Wilco - Last Album: 90215 - Yes

Top Three Most Played Songs: 1.  My Generation - THE WHO (45) 2.  Tomorrow Tomorrow - Elliott Smith (44) 3.  Walken - Wilco (43)

Top 10 Artists: 1.  Pearl Jam - 1100 spins 2.  THE WHO - 955 spins 3.  Rolling Stones - 699 spins 4.  Beatles - 654 spins 5.  Elliott Smith - 538 spins 6.  Black Crowes - 510 spins 7.  Wilco - 465 spins 8.  U2 - 449 spins 9.  Queen - 417 spins 10.  Gomez - 409 spins

Top Five Records

I've been making a lot of site-wide changes to paul-altobelli.com over the last few weeks. It dawned on me the other day that I have not actually posted my Top Five Records of all time. Oh sure, there's Top Five Records about this or that but not My Top Five Records. So, these are the records I'd take on a that proverbial dessert island with me. The records that I want to hear every day until I die.

SMA: Hot Shots II | Beta Band

Beta Band - Hot Shots II (2001) The best way to describe Beta Band's second album, Hot Shots II, is one minute there's a good thing going on and the next there's a whole other good thing and I'm not quite sure how we got to point B from point A, but damned if I know or care. Hot Shots II is an album that moves effortlessly from downright spaced out songs to rhyming about smoking pizza. It's a great album to listen to on a wet Sunday morning.

SMA: Revelator | Tedeschi Trucks Band

Tedeschi-Trucks Band - Revelator What happens if you combine one part Allman Brother slide, one part early Bonnie Raitt, two parts Delaney and Bonnie, along with soul, blues, gospel, rock, country and a pinch of Eric Clapton? Well, you have Revelator from the Tedeschi Trucks Band which just happens to be my Sunday Morning Album.

SMA: The Game | Queen

Queen - The Game This morning I cued up Queen's last great album, The Game.  What a wonderful mix of hard rock (Dragon Attack), rockabilly (Crazy Little Thing Called Love), funk (Another One Bites the Dust) and pop (Need Your Loving Tonight).  I strongly recommend the recently released remastered and expanded version.  It sounds great and the bonus tracks are fun.

SMA: Riot Act | Pearl Jam

Sunday Morning Album: Riot Act - Pearl Jam In my bordem with last night's Phillies game I decided to create some new iTunes playlists. I paired up every Pearl Jam studio album with a live version. It took a few hours and I must say it was a lot of fun trying to find a live version of every Pearl Jam song. This exercise forced me to listen to many PJ songs that I forgot about over the years which includes the entire Riot Act album.

For whatever reason, I did not carefully listen to Riot Act when it was release in 2002. I probably listened to it once or twice and compared it to previous releases and decided it wasn't as good. And, when you compare Riot Act to Ten, Yield, or Vs. its really not in the same league. Yet, last night while I was crafting my playlists, I discovered "Help Help" -- a deep track from that album -- and I really enjoyed it. There was something unique and special about it that intrigued me. So, this morning while walking the dog, I listened to the studio and live versions of Riot Act and, I must say, it was like listening to a new Pearl Jam album. In addition to "Help Help" I discovered "Get Right," "Bu$hleager," and the album's closer, "All or None." Am I ashamed at myself for not knowing these songs? Sure I am. But then again, I got to experience an unexpected thrill of hearing "new" Pearl Jam songs that hasn't quite had all the pulp suck from them. I know I'll get sick of these songs in the end, of course -- they just don't last long enough to keep their mystery and magic forever. But they'll do for now.